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How Do I Get a Heating System Tune-up?

The difference between an oil furnace tune-up and a gas furnace tune-up?

There are primarily two types of furnaces: oil and gas. An oil furnace itself is generally less expensive to purchase but it is more costly to fuel. However, gas coming from within the United States is often cheaper, making the gas furnace the best option to cut fuel costs. On the other hand, oil furnaces burn at warmer temperatures, generating more heat per unit. Yet, they are louder and tends to generate more odor. A gas furnace is more environmentally friendly and efficient. Then there is the option of a single or modulating furnace. Modulating furnaces have variable speed motors, adapting to the temperature outside and lessening temperature fluctuations inside. Single stage furnaces solely work at the highest capacity regardless of the weather. Because of this, modulating furnaces are the most efficient in helping to cut the fuel bill.

Annual Heating System and Furnace Checkup

We bring ourselves to get annual check-ups, it's time to do the same for our furnaces. Beat the rush and wait that comes along with heating repairs in the winter and get regular heating tune-ups. Furnace tune-ups are most importantly a safety measure. Since furnaces burn natural gas and carbon monoxide, a heating tuneup ensures that none is leaking. A furnace tune up evaluates the airflow within the system; a narrowed airflow adds stress to the furnace decreasing its lifespan.

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Furnace tune-ups not only reduce long-term heating repair bills, but they also prevent outages during the cold winter months. Find out how a yearly furnace tune-up will save you on costly repairs and reduce your monthly fuel bill.

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Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Consistent furnace and heating system maintenance will reduce heating repairs down the road and, therefore, save money. If minor problems with the heater are caught early on, they can be fixed before they warrant more serious furnace repairs.

Preventative maintenance also eliminates the possibility of having to purchase a new furnace because of the need for a furnace replacement. Furnace heating tune-ups strengthen efficiency as well. The cleaner the heater, the smoother it runs. Dirt in vital components put a strain on the furnace, using more energy while producing less heat.

Is my manufacture warranty valid if I don't perform furnace maintenance?

Finally, manufacturer warranties are often only valid when the systems are consistently maintained through heating tune-ups so that the furnace repair never becomes too severe.

What is included in annual heating system tune up?

A furnace tune-up includes decontaminating the flame sensor, pilot assembly, burners, and exterior. The filter is also washed and changed if necessary. The airflow, gas pressure, ignition protocol, and amp drawer to blower are checked. Someone will also cycle the furnace and condensate pump. The electrical connections are tensed and the flue pipe and burner are evaluated. The blower is vacuumed and briefly washed. A test is also performed during a HVAC tune up to ensure that there are no gas or carbon monoxide leaks and fissures.


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Furnace & Heating System Maintainance and Tuneup

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Stay Cool works with customers to address all furnace-related needs in a timely and cost efficient fashion. They work to keep furnaces running at their full potential. Through the regular heating tune-up, Stay Cool will ultimately reduce furnace repairs and simultaneously reduce heating costs.

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